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Distinguishing features

The complexity of today’s rapidly changing business environment has created the need for Companies to have qualified and farsighted consultants, focused on innovation and capable to develop effective and value-added solutions.

PTS Consulting Group is the answer to this need.
PTS Consulting Group is the place where know-how and attitude for innovation converge, the place where different professionals, manager and entrepreneurs work together.
PTS also operates a “growth factory”, to help transforming start-up ideas in successful firms and supports companies in every stage of their growing path (i.e. providing strategies, business and operative plans, processes reengineering and so forth).


Established in 1995 as limited liability company, PTS Consulting’s core business has been, since the beginning, the consultancy world.

From the early years of activity, PTS has had a very positive response from the market, and within a short time the Company has achieved its growth target. It has thereore been able to expand its range of competences and know-how through talented and well-known professionals.

Because of such rapid development, in 2004 PTS Consulting transformed into a limited company by shares. In the two-years period 2009-2010 PTS changed its corporate structure by creating different and specialized business units, in order to provide even more specific and effective services. 

In 2016 Struttura becomes a part of the PTS Consulting Group, as the Group’s company focused on reasearch and advising on cultural and creative industries. 

Today PTS Consulting Group, through a unique management platform, provides integrated, professional and innovative consultancy services for a wide range of industries.


Quality, work ethic and sharing are the main values PTS Consulting Group tries to promote in all its activities. 

Quality means continuous and active commitment of each one for a constant improvement of skills and quality service (focus on customer care, details, looking for original and innovative solutions).

Work ethic is responsibility, fair practices, commitment and awareness of how everyday business choices impact on environmental and social wellbeing.

Sharing means that the search for profit must be coupled by a spirit of sharing of both the efforts and the results of our work.


PTS Consulting Group offers an important variety of professional skills, thanks to a team of experts focused on each of the major areas of activity. PTS provides clients with competences of each single expert and with competences of the entire network.
Consiglio Di Amministrazione
Stefano Bugliosi
Lelio Fornabaio
Lucio Argano
Marcello Danisi
Mariano De Iuliis
Marco M. Elser
Emilio Gisondi
Pierluca Impronta
Giovanna Marinelli

Stefano Bugliosi

Lelio Fornabaio

Lucio Argano

Maurizio Buscaini

Pietro Costa

Mariano De Iuliis

Giovanna Marinelli

Riccardo Roat

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